You Are Beautiful

One of the greatest challenges holding women back from leading happy, successful lives is the false story constantly playing in our head. The superego ensures that you feel you are either too much or too little of something.

“You’re not good enough. You’re not pretty enough. You’re not skinny/big chested/perfect enough. You’re too sensitive. You’re too emotional. You’re too fat. You’re too thin.”

The media plays a massive role in influencing our perspective of self-worth. We have unattainable standards to reach. We are made to feel that we can never measure up so that we continue to consume our way into perfection…into happiness.

And along the way, in an effort to feel worthy, to feel significant, to feel liked, to feel special – we think and act in ways that further the deterioration of our self-worth. We share our bodies with people who don’t care or respect us, we abuse substances, we over consume, we diet, we allow people to cross our boundaries…

And the hardest lesson to learn is the one we forgot a long time ago. A piece of knowledge we were born with, but somewhere between the innocence of childhood and the experience of adulthood, got lost in the noise. That knowledge is this:

You are beautiful. You are perfect, just the way you are. You are good enough. You have everything you need to succeed, to grow, and to create the life you want. You are love. The people who judge you, the people who make you feel like you are less than, that try to hurt you – they are merely angels that provide you opportunities to overcome your karma and grow your strength. Don’t let them get you down. Don’t let the story in your head about who you should be take away from the perfect, amazing person you are right now. When you know this, your perspective will change. And when your perspective changes, your energy changes. The universe listens. And everything will fall in to place as it should.




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    Reply May 30, 2012


    Amy, you truly are *fabulous*. Thank you for writing!

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    Reply May 31, 2012


    This is beautiful.

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    Reply June 1, 2012


    I really enjoy reading your writing Amy. It makes me reflect and helped me change myself as I sometimes see myself in your writings. Guys are also susceptible to similar situations and it makes me sometimes think “wtf”. Then, I actually search one of your writings and feel inspired again. Keep it going Amy. You are fabulous and beautiful inside and out. Have a fantabulous summer.

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    Reply June 3, 2012


    I think media IS a big influence on all of us, no doubt about it. One thing that also has a big impact is the way we were brought up and the things that either were, or were not instilled in us from a young age. I am reminded of that scene from The Help when the toddler Mae Mobley is told by her caregiver “You are smart, your are kind, you are important.” that scene is probably one of the most important in the entire movie in my opinion.

    fabulous Amy!!

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