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    Reply March 1, 2014


    I find that people are confused by what you mean when you say “up your standards” (bad editing by the Province?). So I’m going to try to clarify it. Raising one’s standards does NOT mean being pickier (i.e. must be 6.025 feet tall and make $60 250.99 a year). I think what you mean is that we should raise our standards in how we are treated. There is a hookup culture where you can meet somebody in a bar, spend the night, wake up the next morning, shake hands and say “cool, that was fun, well, see you around.” That’s not dating, and I think men and women deserve better than that unless we want to spend the rest of our lives hooking up. And why is “friends with benefits” such a popular request? And why can’t people be honest and ask for only the “benefits”? “Friends” can be such a meaningless word. For me, “friends” means an emotional investment that people seem reluctant to make. And then there are people who are like, “I’m looking for more than friends with benefits, but not a relationship.” What IS that? Sleeping together and spending time without the exclusivity? Sooo confused.

    • Amy C
      Reply March 2, 2014

      Amy C

      Sadie, I totally agree. My explanation was not conveyed clearly. I think both men and women need to minimize how picky they are on the superficial, and instead up their standards in both how they treat others, and how they expect to be treated in return. It boils down to being treated with respect, with integrity and care.

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