Note On Love


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    Reply November 15, 2013

    Barbara England

    Absolutely awesome!!!! Sharing ~~~

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    Reply November 25, 2013


    i just found your blog, and I love it.

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    Reply December 3, 2013


    I am totally shocked at how your statements have it so close to home for me. At my age, I have opened this part of my heart that was broken by a boy over 34 years ago. I was more of a woman then I have apparently been at this stage of my life with this same friend.
    In the beginning of our renewed friendship he spoke of the goals he wanted to achieve in his life and I agreed to be there to support him in anyway I can, but, I don’t want to be used and then tossed aside while another (his wife) reaps the benefits.
    Neither of us are free to be together at this time but we both made promises
    that we swore we would keep. Needless to say, he would engage in outright advances made by younger girls and then tell me about it, he would accept telephone numbers and say it is another good connection to get doors open to comp!eye his goals. The phone calls became less frequent, he became a no show on plans we made, then, the mind games.
    I am finding it is very difficult for me to let him go and his attention towards me continues to decrease.
    He has ask me to wait and not take his actions like we are no longer a couple, because, he has not let me go and there is no one else and it would hurt him to see me with someone else.
    Don’t like being treated as though I don’t exist….but, I am stuck with a man acting like a boy and I find myself acting like a girl which is not how or who I was before he came back into my life. I too had goals, was very involved in community. I let everything go and made him the center of my attention.
    When we were together his goal was for me to work for him and help him to accomplish his goals while I would be earning a significant income while employed under him.
    I began to feel his agenda for us would change from loving me to leaving me.

    His words of encouragement for me now are: “He loves the person I am and be patient”. He says he has got so much going on right now he can’t get time to get with me.

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    Reply December 23, 2013


    This is so beautiful.

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    Reply February 24, 2014


    Hi, what do u text back when a guy that like says he was thinking about u cause right now my best friend cousin who like me just text me saying he was thinking about but what do i text back..

    btw i love ur blog

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    Reply May 18, 2014


    i am sad as well

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    Reply June 8, 2015


    awesome.. i really like this blog

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    Reply August 19, 2015


    It’s so powerful – I just love it. It goes very deep. I have listened to it multiple times and I will listen to it a lot for sure.

    Thank you for this beautiful piece of art!

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    Reply May 22, 2018


    Wowwww emotional I love it

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